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May 20th, 2009 No Comments

“Mary, what do you think of these pants for the summer? I can’t decide! They’re kind of cool. Should I get them? And what kind of shirt would go with them? Tuck in shirt?” —Reader Lauren

I found this posted in the comments section underneath the picture of Sadie’s butt in my face. Haha.  It seems I need to create a forum for questions!  Wonder if I can do that on tumblr…..

Anyway, I actually love these pants (J.Peterman $69)! I wouldn’t tuck in a shirt unless you pulled them up to your waist and hid the elastic waistline with a belt.  Just make sure the pants are long enough to wear that high.  Otherwise I would pull them down around my hips and wear a longer tank or blouse. Very cute find Lauren