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Texas “street meat.”

May 24th, 2009 No Comments

Texas “street meat.”

Gotta love Texas!  Just because you’re wasted at 2am doesn’t mean you should be eating fast food crap.  No no no. Texans don’t let their guests eat bad meat.  Not that this was in the least bit “healthy,” but man it was delicious. Brilliant idea by the Continental club to have a slab of fresh brisket at the exit.

Last night friends and I danced the night away to a blues band (can you call a duo a band?) at the Continental club.  I was ripping it up I tell you.  Probably wasn’t a pretty sight, but it was SO much fun.  We were passing by on our way home, heard the music, walked in, and tore it up.  The joint reminded me a little of 311 in Austin.  Good times.

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