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Catching Up On Lost TV Time

May 25th, 2009 No Comments

After a big night out last night and a day of errands today, I spent the evening in bed catching up on my favorite shows I never have time to watch.  I really don’t think I’ve watched anything start to finish in weeks!  So tonight was special (aka I was too lazy to get dressed and go out).

It was a pretty emotional few hours.  I smiled from ear to ear after watching the last three episodes of Gossip Girl.  The kissing at the end looked a little awkward didn’t you think?  But I was just so happy to hear him say those three little words.  

I followed that up with the 2 part season finale of Lost where I actually cried about Juliet and then got really pissed at the cliffhanger ending.  I can’t stand the suspense!

Now I’m embarking on the fifth season of Rescue Me.  Dennis Leary is one of my favorite comedians.  If I could get him and Eddie Izzard together in the same room I would be the happiest girl alive.

Then it occurred to me I might want to use some of this free time to work…I hate it when that happens.