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May 25th, 2009 No Comments

This week’s challenge is motivated by an accomplishment I made last week.

Usually I run Memorial Park (3 miles) in about 30 minutes.  I change up my workout – some days I do sprinting intervals, others I’ll jog a decent pace for as long as I can, etc.  Whatever I do, it always takes about 30 minutes. 

On Wednesday, I don’t know what got into me.  I felt really good overall.  My joints and back weren’t aching, my stride was stronger, my abs were helping me pull my knees up, and my pace was faster than usual.  So after about 5 minutes I thought to myself, “this is the day.  You’re gonna kill this one.  No stopping, no excuses. You know you can make it, but can you take it? Hell yes you can.”

So I kept up my speed.  Around mile 2, my thought was, “huh, wonder if I could go twice around?”  And then my confidence jinxed me.  I started to really feel the heat of the sun and started to doubt my mental capabilities to stay on track.  So I slowed down a bit to catch my breath, turned off the voices in my head, and used the beat of the music to maintain the jog.  ”Breath” by Fabulous carried me through a tough 4 minutes so I could regroup and kick it into gear for the home stretch.  You guys laugh at my cheesy music, but something about it pumps me up.

Before I even looked to see if I made it in under 30 minutes, I felt a sense of satisfaction because I knew I pushed myself harder than I ever had on that track.  I totally killed it in my mind.  And the clock didn’t let me down.  Three minutes doesn’t seem like much, but for a runner that’s a BFD.

Two Lessons to Learn Here:

1.  Physically you are capable of taking your workout to the next level.  The only thing standing in your way is your mind.  No excuses, work through it.

2.  Goals are personal and you shouldn’t compare your success or failures to those of others.  Reading this post, you might think a 9 minute mile is pretty pathetic or an actual feat.  Obviously I would be eating Reilly’s dust as he would lap me twice, but that’s him.  This is me.  Work hard at your own level and you will feel the satisfaction.