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Oh Yes You Can-Can

May 25th, 2009 No Comments

Oh Yes You Can-Can 

Triceps Can-Can via Fitness Magazine

I’m always looking for new exercises to challenge myself.  In changing up your workout, you are confusing your muscles so your body will continue to change and grow stronger.  When your body learns an exercise sometimes not even adding weight is enough to stimulate change.

Plus, the same old movements get boring.

This summer I’m working on toning up my glutes in between weight lifting sets.  I dread squats and lunges no matter how many different ways I do them because I’m just flat out tired of them.  So I went to FitnessMagazine.com in search of a little inspiration.

In this video they explain the “Triceps Can-Can” which I have never heard of or seen before.  I love that it incorporates several muscle groups as well as being an obvious butt burner.  It’s perfect to slide in between sets, do outside after a run, or at home while catching up on my favorite shows.