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May 26th, 2009 No Comments

BIG AS TEXAS HAIR — By Jackie Danicki

With Mary in Texas, I thought volumizing products might be a timely
topic. Even if you’re not going for the county fair queen look, you
may well need some oomph for your locks. With fine hair like mine, a
boost is non-negotiable.

Three of my favorites:

I stockpile the travel sized bottles of this so that I’ll have enough from now until
the TSA lightens up on its liquids restrictions. This is the first thing that goes on my damp roots, and I would have total pancake hair without it.

This is the most bafflingly effective volumizing product I’ve ever used. Lift hair,
spray, and it looks like you’ve been at it with a rattail comb. Go easy – a little bit goes a long way.

This stuff can get alittle crunchy if you go overboard, so be careful. It’s a real
lifesaver if you get on a plane with clean but un-styled hair, and
want to look a bit more lively and less lank when you land and head
straight to meetings or a date. Just flip, spray, and you’ve got a
look that’s full and pretty.