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What is “pretty” anyway?

May 27th, 2009 No Comments

Sarah just posted this tale:

“You Look Prettier in Real Life.” Zing. (via mascarah)

Five minutes ago in my quick run to the Chelsea Whole Foods, I was approached by someone who reads my blog. He said “I knew it was you but I must say you look so much prettier in real life.” Zing.

Obviously I’d rather look better in the flesh than in a photo, but I still can’t help but feel offended. I know I’m not photogenic… but clearly I have to work on knowing how to look more like the real me in photographs….

Try mine on for size:

The other day at the Hotel ZaZa, a group of hockey players came over to flirt with me and my gf’s.  We all hung out for a few hours; overall, a really fun day. (Think Vegas style pool – young crowd, cocktails, dj). After the sun set, I went home to shower and freshen up for the night.  I then met up with my gf at Monarch, and the hockey players were all there.  In unison (or at least it seemed that way), they all said, “Wow. You clean up nice…I mean really, wow.”


First of all, duh, I know how to put myself together.  But I think this proves my point that when men say they prefer women without makeup they’re lying (for the most part). Watch TMI to hear me break it down.

I rarely wear makeup these days and love every minute of my fresh face, but there is a difference in how others perceive me when I have on a face.  Thought?  Am I right? Or completely full of shit?