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Vote for Mary Rambin & Anthony (Soup) for Webutante Ball Queen & King.

May 30th, 2009 No Comments

Link: Vote for Mary Rambin & Anthony (Soup) for Webutante Ball Queen & King.



I am starting a campaign for Mary Rambin and Anthony Soup Soup to be crowned Queen & King.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should vote for them:

  1. He isn’t exactly a #1 fan of the TMI gals and I have been trying for months to get him to feel the Mary love. I’m convinced that if he is crowned with her it will sway him.
  2. They will both look hot in crowns & tiaras.
  3. They both are likely the subjects of memes. And both are part in some way of the Gawker family.
  4. Because it is awkward and random and fantastic.
  5. And last, but not least, you probably don’t care who is crowned anyways, so why not vote and increase the odds that I can get Mary to come back to NYC faster! I miss her dearly and I bet I can convince her to come to her own coronation!

Is Sarah a good friend or what?! She’s my biggest tumblr cheerleader.  It’s like her mission to convert the haters and convince them I’m not only a good person, but also worthy of their time. (Which I’m not so sure of, so she reminds me often as well.)

I would do the same for her, but everyone already loves her.

This poll reeks of tumblr, but I’m voting for me for Sarah.  As for Soup Soup, I’m actually a fan, but let’s not spread that around.

I believe WinstonWolf should have been included on this list, as a side note.  And as for his odds on this little contest…dead on.

(P.S. Sarah, are you trying to steal the crown from Bob??!  Haha.)