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June 5th, 2009 No Comments


Weekly Wanderlust – Nancy Sun

If there is anything I have learned from my international adventures it is that things will never go completely without a hitch.  The first time I traveled abroad without my parents, for instance, I was pickpocketed immediately upon leaving the airport.  Somewhere between Charles de Gaulle and Le Metro, street kids found their hands into my backpack and retrieved my wallet.  Thankfully, I was perceptive enough to notice their close vicinity, accused them immediately, and got everything back.  In the process, however, I learned the importance of preparing for the worst-case scenarios of a trip. 

My tips:

  • Make a 3 copies of your passport and credit cards in case of emergency: one for safekeeping with family / friends , one to keep on you, and one soft copy to keep in your email.  This way, in the event that anything gets stolen, you can prove who you are and immediately contact the appropriate authorities with relevant information.
  • Never keep all your sources of cash in one place.   While you may want to keep a credit / debit card on you, keep at least one other one in a safe and different place (i.e., the hotel safe) in case anything happens to the first.
  • Call your credit card companies in advance and notify them of your international travel destinations and start / return date.  This way, they will permit foreign transactions instead of rejecting them fearing fraud.
  • If at all possible, always bring your baggage as carry on.  It is more convenient to buy needed liquids on a new continent than to live without your clothes while there.  Particularly if you are changing climates depending on from and to where you are going.

Note: photo is for aesthetic purposes only.  Less is always more.  Edit, edit, edit!