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June 8th, 2009 No Comments


I’m sure you’re wondering what your going to get for your dad who seems to have everything.

Well, I know something he doesn’t have – your beautiful smile everyday!  

This year Kodak is going above and beyond to keep family and friends connected. Kodak’s wireless wifi frame is one of THE BEST ways they are helping you maintain a relationship with the ones you love. Because if your dad is anything like mine, he hasn’t caught on to Faceebook yet :)

The Kodak W1020 Easyshare Wireless Digital Frame ($299) is like Facebook on Dad’s desk.  You and your family upload pictures to your personal flickr, Kodak gallery, or another RSS and Dad can see them!  This is one of the MANY features of the frame.  With the touch screen and wifi accessing pictures, movies, music is so simple.  Click here to see all this puppy can do!

I think it’s unfortunate we can’t be around the ones we love all the time.  And although you update your blog daily, that doesn’t mean Dad always checks in.  So stay in touch the old fashion way, send pictures!