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My Favorite Macallan

June 11th, 2009 No Comments

Well, I’ve sniffed and sipped the 6 different Macallan scotches.  Here’s my bottom line:

Macallan 10 is delightful.  This guy is a smooth one. As Gary V says, it’s all in the finish.  Definitely a panty dropper if you can get a girl to actually drink scotch.   Or, let me put it this way: It’s a great “everyday” scotch should you choose to drink scotch regularly. 

The 21 Year Old Macallan lives up to the “gets better with age” stereotype.  Complex, bold, delicious, WITH a smooth finish. I think I found a hair on my chest after drinking this bad boy.

As for the years in between, they grew thicker with age, but I wasn’t a fan of the bite at the end.  As Trey said, “well, that could take paint off walls.”  Too spicy for my taste.

But, over ice, they all drank very nicely.  And surprisingly after an evening drinking scotch, I left with a pleasant buzz and not stumbling and grabbing onto anything that stood still.  

(Photo taken with my Kodak Z980 enhanced with iPhoto)