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Ranjana Khan for Less!

June 12th, 2009 No Comments


I have been obsessed with this Ranjana Kahn necklace that Mary Rambin has.  But it’s it’s $760.

Who would have thought that Anthropologie would have a cheap ($38) version?  I think I might need this for the 1029381208 weddings I have left to attend this season.


I’ll be honest….

As a designer who has been knocked off by everyone under the sun (Forever 21, Aldo, Donna Karan, even Matel!), I stray away from buying something I KNOW is taking someone else’s design.

But! But but.

Before I saw this necklace, I had no idea who Ranjana Kahn was.  So seeing this version in Anthropologie, I would have swooped it up without a thought.  

Furthermore, I believe fashion should exist at all price points. As I believe most designers do, so they contract with Target, Dillard’s etc.

This might be my favorite look-for-less all year.  If you go to the Anthropologie site, you can use the magnifying glass to see the quality is really good.

With the prices being so extremely different (just like the Aldo and Forever 21 versions of my bag), designers might scoff, but at the same time think to themselves “Damn, I wish I had knocked myself off first!”  

A long story long, buy away!  I’m loving my necklace more than my wallet is ;)