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June 13th, 2009 No Comments

When I saw this picture I instantly thought of NYC and all of the $5 umbrellas I had bought because I got stuck in the rain.  Next thought – how many times I had to walk in the rain because I didn’t have $5 cash.  Following thought – reblog.  Final thought – it’s a beautiful day outside, I’m going to go run the park before it gets too hot.

Summer days in Houston appear beautiful when you’re inside a cool air conditioned room looking out the window.  But when you step outside into no less than 95 degree heat, you instantly start sweating, and the sun feels like it’s scorching your skin.

But, I still feel like I need to be outside on ANY day that is hot and sunny because they are few and far between.

What?  Huh? But you’re in Houston and you’re moving back to LA where the sun never sleeps.

Indeed. Very true.  But after three years of trudging through NYC, in torrential rains, chilling winds, and down sludgy sidewalks, I have come to see sunny days as a commodity.   There’s this urge inside of me that demands I spend as much time outside as possible because tomorrow might not bring another day this beautiful.  I need to do everything possible outside so I can enjoy everyone of them before the wind and rain retakes the city.

At first I thought this was silly, but now I’m so glad to realize the value of sunny days that lift my spirit and keep me motivated.

(Photo via j-p-gwhen it rains, it pours via *surfer rosa*)