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June 14th, 2009 No Comments

Reader Sarah sent this letter to her friends, which include all of us who enjoy MTM.  She’s making a valiant effort in her mother’s name.  I would walk through fire for my Mom, but the Marathon…WOW!

Dear Friends,

It’s no secret my mother suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression for the majority of her life, including all of mine. The pharmaceutical industry has come a long way in helping people that need assistance and care, but unfortunately they couldn’t fix my mom.

She hated living with anxiety and depression. I think she hated it more than the kidney failure, more than the ankle replacement surgery, and more than any other ailment life threw her way. It prevented her from truly being. She couldn’t work, and on most days, the simple acts of daily living were too much for her to handle. Her potential for greatness was so magical, but most of the time her disease kept her alone in her own head – sad and scared.

No one should ever feel that way- but the truth of the matter is it’s much more common than most people realize or talk about.

Almost to the day, two-months after my mother’s passing, I took a leap of faith and put my name in the lottery to run the New York City Marathon. 

In all honestly, I did it thinking I wouldn’t get picked.

A few days later, I opened my email to find the notice: I, one of 40,000 applicants, won one of 6,500 ‘lottery’ spots.

So I have accepted the challenge and will run the marathon in memory of my mom.

She was never afraid to talk about her battles, and was so compassionate to those who suffered as she did. So, in her name, during my training I will raise $10,000 for the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. This organization has been kind enough to feature my story on their website, please visit and check out what they do! 


Your contribution*, even if it’s only the amount of a cup of coffee, would make her so proud.  It’s time to eliminate the stigma, educate the public and find the best way to deal with these disorders. But most importantly it’s time to help people suffering realize they aren’t alone. We all know someone affected in one way or another so please join me in this cause at www.active.com/donate/sarahhunt .

Visit www.adaa.org for more information and resources. 

You can follow my training journey at www.smilewithyoureyes.tumblr.com

*All proceeds will go directly to the ADAA- I’m paying for the race, airfare and lodging myself.