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I Kindly Ask For A Little Respect

June 16th, 2009 No Comments

It seems that the comment section on this blog is getting a little out of hand.  

Which truly saddens me.

At first I was F-ing pissed and tried to explain where I was coming from.  But no matter what I say or do, it’s going to rub someone the wrong way.  I WISH I could please everyone, but that would be boring and dishonest.  

Do you really want to read a fluffy blog written by a faceless, indifferent twit about untested beauty products, exercise tips from some chick who never sweats, and about clothes…ok, I mostly post about clothes I like.  But that’s where the fun comes in! Disagree with me, but don’t ridicule me for having an opinion.  

What we really have to realize here is that we choose to live our lives a certain way.  We may not agree with each other’s decisions, but usually we respect people enough not to voice our opinion unless we are asked directly.  Even then, there are still many people who don’t have the guts to give their honest-to-goodness opinions, let alone publicly demean them for things they don’t agree with.

Blogging is part of my career in existing in digital media.  By oversharing my life in the  sphere of my work, I’m crossing a line most people wouldn’t in the traditional workplace.  Even online, it’s still a frontier in need of gentrification.  The web is becoming a more personal space for businesses, but it’s still allows for users to be anonymous and exist in a new way online.  BOTH aspects are necessary.

I don’t walk into your job and tell you what you’re doing wrong in front of your co-workers.  Even if I disagreed with your strategies, there is a reason you have your job so I must trust that perhaps I don’t understand all that goes into your daily activities to achieve certain goals.

I welcome your comments and opinions.  Despite what you say, I respect your voice and never delete your diatribes.

So now I’m going to ask you to show me some respect please.  

There is a reason you come here.  Whether you find tips or just to laugh and see me fail, there is still something that draws you to type www.morethanmary.com.

I always tell you “take it or leave it” and that I will “take” all of your comments.  I have done so publicly with as much dignity as possible.  But you have now started to disrupt readers who enjoy coming here. 

So I ask you to please respect that I am doing the best I can to conduct my life as I see fit and manage this blog to the best of my abilities. 

If you have any issues or concerns, please email me directly and I will answer all of your appropriate questions and continue to learn as a blogger and evolve as a person.  The only way to really change is through honesty.

I ask that you please use the comment section to add your own experiences, tips, and constructive criticism.  I by no means expect you to agree with me, but perhaps offer a solution you see more fitting for the situation.  

I’m not perfect, nor did I ever claim to be.  I make mistakes, all the time.  So much it’s frustrating to me how mindless I can be.  So instead of a hitting a gal when she’s down, offer a hand up.

My life is on an upward slope for once in a long time. Granted, it’s taking me a little longer to pull together than expected. Honestly, I’m loving being home with my Mom.  Sounds pathetic to some of you I’m sure.  But my Mom and I have been through a lot, and there were many years I didn’t get to come home when I wanted to.  So I’m taking advantage of this time with her while I’m in between coasts.

I want to take you along with me as I continue my journey.  It’s not always going to be exciting or thrilling, but I promise it will be the reality of MY life.  Not your reality, I don’t know your pleasures or plight.  So take from mine what you will.  I’ll be working away on my end to continue to produce meaningful and entertaining content from my experiences.