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June 16th, 2009 No Comments


Reader Julie is the winner of the Kodak Father’s Day Giveaway which means she will be able to send pics from her book tour to Dad on his  Kodak W1020 Easyshare Wireless Digital Frame via Kodak Gallery or flickr.

Four runners up will receive cool gifts to make Dad smile on his big day too. Click here to check out a few good gift options for Dad.

Here’s her submission:

My Dad gave me the gift of the written word. He’s worked in the publishing industry his whole life, and while I was growing up, he made sure that I ALWAYS had a book in my hand. I didn’t realize until I got to college how much this shaped my life and my aspirations. I followed in his footsteps and went into publishing myself, actuallychildren’s publishing. There’s just a satisfaction knowing that what I do puts a book inanother child’s hands just like my Dad did with me. I was lucky to discover my passion early on, and I have my Dad to thank for that.
One of my proudest moments was a couple years ago when I wrote a book of my own and after months of trying to get it published, I finally received an offer from a small company willing to take a chance on an unknown author. The first person I called to tell this big news to? My Dad.
My family has had a rough 2009 so far and life is changing for us all around. I just know that any of these gifts would put a needed smile on my Dad’s face.