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June 17th, 2009 No Comments

The recession has affected us all in varying ways.  Some of us have lost our jobs.  Others have taken pay cuts and some are just trying to hang in there until things get better and they can sleep again at night.  But the reality of the matter is that nonprofit organizations have been hit hard.  New York State funding has been hit hard because of the stock market and organizations are now looking to their volunteers and lower level donors to fill the gap where state and foundation giving once flowed.  

Executive Director of New York Cares Gary Bagley highlighted in a recent interview why it is important to get involved now more than ever:

  • With the recession, there are a greater number of people in need.  
  • It’s a historic time for service.  President Obama’s support for Serve America will make it possible for more Americans to do national and community service.
  • The recession is changing the way we view the needs of our community.  Whether unemployed, seeking meaningful ways to utilize time off, or genuinely moved by the great needs of our city, people are volunteering in greater numbers.  In February and March, twice as many people volunteered as last year.  Overall, there is a 15% increase.
  • New York Cares bridges the gap between the increasing number of people at risk and the growing group of volunteers who want to help.  

Click here to find out how you can show you care.

If you care, but don’t have the time to give.  DONATE – they quadruple every dollar donated through their volunteers.