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Best Email Autoresponse Ever

June 19th, 2009 No Comments


I sent an email to a bunch of people today including Matthias, one of our kick-ass post-production people at Next New Networks, and this came back:


I am on a beach in the Outer Banks.  Did you know that Blackbeard the Pirate set up his home base there and his ship was sunk there in the cove.  To this day, his headless ghost searches for his head and his lost ship.

Now that you have that bit of awesome information, let me address your email.  It was awesome to hear from you.  It really was.  And I wish I could hook you up with some answers.  But I just don’t have any.  Because, as I said, I’m on the beach.  Now.  If this was super urgent you have two options.  Talk to Mike Glenn or talk to Charlie.  Those two fellas have my back this week.  I will be back on 22 June and will be ready to plow into work after what will inevitably result in sunburn, heat exhaustion, hurricane Twiggy and marauding seagulls.

Until then, I remain,

Matthias Sundberg

Now THAT’s how you set a vacation away email.

Insight:  Matthais is shy + Tim runs the company = hysterical

Side note:  Have you ever seen an “away” message on my blog when I “go on vacation?”

Just sayin’.