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Raising The Bar

June 19th, 2009 No Comments

As I write the post on Sherng-Lee’s video, I’m feeling truly privileged to work with Sherng-Lee Huang (director and editor) and¬†Kathleen Grace¬†(our producer) on TMI. ¬†They are both so talented in their respective fields.¬†

You know how when you’re playing sports, you always play better when your opponent is skilled as opposed to mediocre? ¬†Sure you could easily wipe the court with the average player, but you bring your A game to play against the big dog. ¬†What I’m trying to say (not very well) is that these two inspire me to work harder on the show everyday. ¬†Being a perfectionist, I’m pretty meticulous, to the point they want to kill me sometimes I’m sure. ¬†But, in the end, it always pays off.

SO! ¬†Look forward to some great new stuff on TMI. ¬†They’ve revamped our website for starters. ¬†We’re finally using our Twitter and Facebook (I know, late to the game). ¬†But the girls and I have been working with Kathleen on making the show itself not only more entertaining, but also more relevant.