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June 20th, 2009 No Comments

You know you’re curious!!!

My mom came home with these the other day.  My first reaction was “hell yes, I’ve been dying to try them.”  

Then I had to ask, “Mom, did you get a little impulsive one night?”  She said her friend Trish bought them for her because she had such success getting off the peach fuzz on her face.

Well, I finally gave it a shot on my upper lip today (where there is the smallest amount of baby fine blonde hair). After a few circles with the gray sand paper (which is basically what it is), the hair remains and my upper lip is BURNING!!!!  Seriously.  My mom thinks I’m crazy and is going to try it out later.  Her skin is less sensitive than mine.

I’ll give it another shot in a less sensitive spot later.  But thus far, big let down.