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June 23rd, 2009 No Comments


My baby fine hair has always been a victim of the Houston humidity.  I can spend an hour applying product, drying, straightening – basically heating the hell out of my poor hair, and after less than a minute outside the ends curl and my cowlick emerges.  AHHHHH!

These three products have been the perfect cocktail for me to beat the heat.


Mada is a carefully constructed hair care line by Thad Grace to give you the hair you want but don’t naturally have.  Visit their site and go through the process to find the perfect products to satisfy all of your specific needs. 

In my opinion, the after-shower Protein Building Spray ($24) and Protein Spray Conditioner (Leave-In with UVA/UVB sunscreen for $24) are GODSENDS!!!

I’ve been using them before I dry for about a month now, and they have succeeded in strengthening my hair without weighing it down.  Because my hair is thicker, it’s not as prone to curl on really humid days.

Unfortunately I did not find the Mada spray shampoo and conditioner helpful.  In fact, they they failed miserably at foaming and cleansing.  

John Frieda Frizz-Ease

This product is the nail on my anti-humidity campaign coffin.  There is a whole line of “Frizz Ease” products that don’t interest me at all.  But after Ty introduced me to this creme over a year ago, I haven’t left home without it.  I apply post-drying, pre-styling to make sure all of the moisture is locked out.

Seal your style with your favorite hairspray (my favorite being Terax) and you’re ready to walk outside without worry.

(Mada* = via PR rep)

Photo taken with my Kodak Z980