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June 24th, 2009 No Comments

Kunkel’s experience of the Internet bears no resemblance to my experience of the Internet, but then, that’s the funny thing about the Internet, isn’t it? No one’s Internet looks the same as anyone else’s, and it’s that exact essential fungibility that makes definitive assessments like Kunkel’s infuriating. The Internet isn’t a text we can all read and interpret differently. It’s not even a text, at least not in most senses of that word. The Internet is a chimera that magically manifests in whatever guise its viewer expects it to. If you are looking at the Internet and expecting it to be a source of fleeting funniness, unchallenging writing, attention-span-killing video snippets, and porn, then that is exactly all it will ever be for you.

Emily Gould in Emily Magazine about Benjamin Kunkel’s book review in n+1. (via somethingchanged)

It seems people are looking for all different kinds of content these days.  Consequently, if they visit a site and it doesn’t fulfill their needs, they get frustrated.

The best part about the Internet is that the fluffy photos can exist along with the in depth reports on international affairs right next to a bargain bin electronics site.  Each site serves a purpose, whether it’s useful to you or not.  That does not mean you should generate negative feelings, simply move on to another that does satisfy you.

(P.S. Bravo Emily.)