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June 24th, 2009 No Comments


“Cause We Care” — by Alice Hunt

New York is teeming with culture, but how often do you actually make the effort to experience it?  I’m sure you feel like you don’t have time, or you should be working, or it’s too expensive, or maybe you just don’t feel like going uptown.  

By participating in NY Cares field trips, you are being productive and experiencing some of NY’s assets.  AND, you’re helping people in need.  A WIN, WIN, WIN for you!

New York Cares funds projects where organizations can not afford to, this includes under-served public schools.    Field trips are an integral part of education; taking field trips requires money, resources, and staff time that the school might not have.  This is where New York Cares really helps the community and education of children in New York City.


This past winter, I signed up for a project to take some students from a school in Bushwick, Brooklyn to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.  New York Cares paid for the bus, our entry to the Theatre tour, and lunch for everyone.  

I had never been to the Apollo Theatre, not only was this a learning experience for the children but for the volunteers as well.   Among the group 25 kids in 4th grade, we sat with them and listened to stories about how the Apollo Theatre enriched the African American community in Harlem and New York City.  It launched the careers of many influential jazz musicians and comedians as well as influenced a century of generations in this area of Manhattan.  We took photos, rubbed the famous tree of hope, and they let some of the children do “performances” on stage.  

It was a sort of magical day that was completely funded by the amazing programs of New York Cares.  Not only did we learn about some important New York history, but we also gave back to the community.  Some of these disadvantaged children would never have had this opportunity if New York Cares hadn’t given them the $600 it probably cost for the day.

It’s just one small way you can give a little and get a lot back in return.