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June 26th, 2009 No Comments

Beautiful picture isn’t it…

What would you give to be on a desolate beach right now?  

If you could just hop in a canoe and float ashore to your own island…

Dreaming out loud.  I know.  It’s not realistic, but so many of my friends are embracing adventures we never considered before.  What seemed far-fetched is now a possibility if you want it to be.

A friend and his girlfriend are putting their stuff in storage and moving to Costa Rica for six months.  They saved money and are moving to experience something new.  They’ll be living off the beaten path, in a remote area with no cell service.  Perhaps they’ll hate it, or maybe they’ll find a happiness they have never dreamed of.  

So I ask you, for you, is it really inconcievable?  Does it have to just be a dream?

For some of you, this doesn’t interest you at all.  For others, it’s something you fantasize about daily.

Maybe your mind doesn’t travel to a remote island, but it wanders somewhere from time to time.  Where does it go?  Why is it only a thought and not a reality?

Ask yourself, if not now, when??!

Just a thought.

(via jonathankeyes: Florionapolis, Brazil)