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June 26th, 2009 No Comments

Mase and I will be leaving Mom’s house for LA soon.  Such a bitter sweet day :(

I was thinking we needed to leave her a little something to remind her we miss her terribly EVERYDAY!

She loves the pictures Andrew took of us, so I hit up the Kodak Gallery to see what options I had to make something unique.

She’s not really a mug gal, and I wasn’t feeling a calendar.  A mousepad is perfect!  At home she has a laptop, but she can take the pad to use with her desktop at work.  That way no matter what gets cluttered on her bulletin board, she can always see us sending her kisses!

For $10, there was no debate on the purchase.  It actually took me longer to decide on a picture than to create the pad. So about 7 minutes from selecting a picture to clicking “Place Order.”

Now she obviously knows it’s coming, but she’ll feign surprise for a good 10 seconds :)

(Kodak Mouse Pad, $9.99 + S&H, which I paid for. Photo by Andrew Flavin via Flickr)