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June 29th, 2009 No Comments

I’m not going on a cleanse, but I am making an effort to clean up my diet and get some serious nutrients while I’m in NYC.

BluePrint juices are actually more portable in their plastic bottles, but I love Organic Avenue’s smoothies.  They’re thick, hearty, and not too sweet.

As I type, I’m enjoying a YOUNG LOVE green juice (spinach, cucumber, and celery).  I honestly can’t remember the last green juice I had, so it’s actually refreshing.  Also pictured are the blueberry spirulina smoothie and the mint chocolate chip smoothie. I’ve been looking forward to both of them for weeks now! In between each smoothie, I try to drink a bottle of water and eat fresh veggies.

Dinner tonight is at one of my favorite spots: BLT Market in the Ritz.  I love Laurent Troundel’s seasonal offerings, but I usually end up getting the black cod (one of his signature dishes).

(Organic Avenue Media Discount = 10%)