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This Week’s Challenge: Sleeping Soundly

July 6th, 2009 No Comments

A friend of mine has difficulty sleeping soundly through the night.  There could be several reasons for his apnea, but I contest that adding exercise to his daily routine could help him.

According to an article from CNN.com, several studies came to the same conclusion.  Fred Comona, a exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise, says that although no one has decided when the best time to exercise is, an active lifestyle will give you ”a better ability to fall asleep and a more restful sleep when you do — there’s unanimous agreement on that.”

Another article in my Google search found more recent research that yielded the opposite effects on its subjects. However, even the lead on the project admitted that personality types might be a variable in the findings.

So this week instead of focusing on what we exert, let’s realign our thinking to figure out how we can best restore our energy.  Wouldn’t it be nice to rise in the morning, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day efficiently?  

I’m not saying don’t exercise, but consider:

  • the time of day you work out.
  • how you feel afterwards.
  • reasons you might be sluggish mid-day.
  • your body.  How does it feel before you go to sleep?
  • your state when you wake up. Do you feel rested, tired, energized, etc?

Next Monday, I’ll post a question so we can all share our findings.