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The Boob Debate (if there really is one)

July 14th, 2009 1 Comment

The Boob Debate (if there really is one)

The other day at the pool a newly acquired male friend did not check me out in my bandeau bikini flattening my oh so small boobs while I was surrounded by fake-breasted beauties.  But he did ask me “Have you ever considered implants?”

“No. Not once,” was my immediate and truthful response.

I’ve never had any qualms with being small-chested.  Mostly because I have a dip in my sternum and so my cleavage can be pretty impressive.  BUT, no is the answer either way.  

He didn’t look perplexed, he simply replied, “oh.”


“That’s good.”

Because of his tone, I’m not sure what his final conclusion was about my answer.  What I do know is that I really didn’t care.

But it got me thinking…should I?

My answer was still no, but I decided to investigate a little further by asking another “average” breasted friend of mine.

Honestly, I knew she would instantly agree with me. And she did.  But I have a friend who surprised me with her decision to get implants because her boobs were naturally fabulous and full B’s.  They fit her so well, so why did she do it?

It seems to me as trite as the fake boob debate is, it’s still an issue that weighs on people’s minds.

Honestly, do you think about it?  Do have them and love them?  Do you secretly want them?  Are you suffering because your chest is too big?

I’m honestly interested because as I’ve said, it’s become common a common practice, but what do implants mean to you?

(Photo via suckafuck via 24frames:Carmen Klass)

  • Lon Lickluck

    In cases of injury or other malformation, plastic surgery can be a wonderful thing. If big breasts are what he’s attracted to then he’s welcome to pursue any women who is so equipped. The real issue is no one should pressures you to change your look to suit him. Not Cosmo magazine, not your new “friend.” (I don’t care if its your nose, your breasts, or anyplace else.) The fact that he’s a “newly acquired” friend, doesn’t help matters. Anybody who cared about you wouldn’t ever ask.