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The Best of Nature + The Best of Science – Nutrilite

July 16th, 2009 No Comments

The Best of Nature + The Best of Science – Nutrilite

This Sunday I have been invited to tour the Nutrilite Health Institute of Optimal Health outside Los Angeles to learn about incorporating organic supplements to satisfy our body’s need for vitamins and minerals.

At first I thought to myself, why not just eat more veggies to get the nutrients we need?  Taking a pill is a cop out! Plus, I am very skeptical of pills in general.

But then it dawned on me – millions of people aren’t eating properly for a many reasons and supplements might improve their quality of life. 

After researching their organic farming methods, means of extraction, and the overall benefits of supplements, I’m intrigued to investigate Nutrilite and hear about the research from the horse’s mouth.  Apparently they are one of the leaders in nutrigenomics studies, which sounds like it could be integral in disease prevention.

So I have accepted the invitation* to visit the facilities and interview their experts to dig a little deeper into the benefits of consuming supplements.  I suspect the doctors will agree raw fruits and vegetables are the preferred means of maintaining a healthy diet, but will also surprise me with ways in which even the most mindful eaters unknowingly deprive their bodies as well.

My doctors have always advised me to take a multi-vitamin.  I don’t.  Mostly due to the fact they make me a little nauseous (which seems to be a common complaint).  So now I’m curious to see if this investigation will convince me to change my habits for my own well-being.

(*I have been asked to participate due to my interest in fitness and nutrition.  There will be no monetary compensation for my time or posts. Airfare and accommodations will be provided by Nutrilite.  They have asked only that I write an honest review of my experience.  No guidelines have been set as to what I have to say, a minimum number of posts/photos/videos, or use of social media such as FB or Twitter.  As always, you will receive my genuine assessment of their facilitates, practices, and products. Please note, I am in no way an expert in either the field of fitness or nutrition but have ample personal experience in both.)