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Tips for Throwing The Perfect Baby Shower

July 20th, 2009 No Comments

Tips for Throwing The Perfect Baby Shower

(Photo by Lindsey Belle – check out her latest shots of the cutest couples and kids.)

My friend Lauren is throwing a shower for the mom-to-be at her house this weekend.  What tips can you offer in regards to her questions below? I’ve posted my answers in italics.

  • What are some fun but not cheesy baby games? (already doing “guess the celebrity baby”)

I found this post searching under bridal shower, but I think the games are still applicable: baby gift bingo, bottom of your bag scavenger hunt, think fast, and mystery spice game.

  • The mom wants to stay with a white/cream theme as she doesn’t know the sex yet, and hates green and yellow – do you have any inexpensive floral decorating tips?

Orange lilies are less expensive than the big white casablanca ones.  You can also get bunches of spray roses and mix them with irises.  If you city has a flower mart (which is usually near the garment district), it’s always your cheapest option.  You just need to get there early in the morning. Or you can go the Sam’s/Costco route – just don’t expect them to last more than a day or two.

Instead of filling the vase, make modern arrangements that are sparse.

Finally, after you’ve made your centerpieces, fill little shot glasses/pitchers/champagne flutes with your extra flowers and put them in the bathroom, side tables, and coffee table.

  • What are a few options for cost effective party favors?

I’ve been loving scented soaps and organic lip balms lately. SalonTea by Tracy Stern makes my favorite lip balm ($7 each) that my friends have always loved as little sussies.

You could make a card that says “Thanks A Latte” or “I love you a latte”  and put at $5 gift card to Starbucks in it.

Shopping in the home section of Marshall’s, Ross, or TJ Max I always find cool stuff that’s inexpensive.

  • Are there any good websites that could help me with some ideas?

To send invitations, use Pingg – an updated version of Evite that provides cool pictures, an RSVP tracking system, and an efficient way for you to correspond with guests.

Do you have any helpful tips for Lauren?