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July 22nd, 2009 No Comments

The BEST days


I am determined to fill my day with happy thoughts. Like thoughts of our honeymoon and how badly I want to go back.

Actually, that turns into a sad thought because I can’t go back…

Let good memories inspire you to seek new ones.

You don’t need to be laying on a deserted beach next to your lifetime love (naked :)) to be happy.  In fact, that sounds more magical – beaches are easy to find, the love of your life is a little more challenging.

In life we always want to figure out what was “THE BEST” and how everything else pales in comparison.  But the truth is, you need the smaller, pleasant experiences to determine your all-time favorite.

The trick is not to let the little joys pass you by.  Set your expectations to find something that makes you smile in a day, and if you encounter that, grin from ear to ear.  Then you will look back on today as a good one.

Every day doesn’t have to be “the best” but put forth an effort to make it pleasant and enjoyable, no matter where you are or who you are with.  Because if you can have a week of good normal days, your life will be THE BEST it can be.