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*Courtesy of Smart Car

July 23rd, 2009 No Comments

Here’s the rundown of my relationship with Smart Car.

I attended a blogger roundtable intro to the car and brand and instantly felt connected with their mission. CEO David Schembri is so passionate about his product and serving his customers on a individual basis (via email and blog).  Plus, the car is really cute, green, affordable, easy to park, and has great gas mileage.  It just makes sense!

As you know I am currently on the hunt for an affordable car I enjoy driving. Many readers have suggested I try a Prius for its eco-friendly nature and low price point. Unfortunately when I visited a Toyota dealership, they didn’t have a model to test drive.  So that’s still on my list of things to do.

At the Smart conference, they offered us a test drive at our convenience.  Between my travels and fear of driving in NYC, I decided to wait until I had a slice of time in LA to devote to getting to know the Smart.  You know, take a spin to spin class, chat over a green juice, etc.

As you saw today, the little Smart is a hot date!  I’ve always thought it was more physically attractive than the Prius, but as we all know, it’s what is inside that counts.  So the question I’m looking to answer on my test drive revolves around practicality.

The reason they allow bloggers/media to take one out, is just what you would expect. They want us to communicate our experience (whatever that may be) to our readers (who trust our opinion).  This is a PR platform for all brands, there is no secret there.  They never require a positive review or even posts in exchange for product (unless there is a compensation agreement).

I can’t reiterate enough how much stuff bloggers turn down because we simply are not passionate enough to write about it.  And even if we do like the brand, that doesn’t always correlate to a glowing review about all products within their collections.

After two days of driving around the beach, on several freeways, and in the heat of LA traffic, I already have opinions about my SmartCar experience. I’m going to use the next two days to solidify my thoughts and then let you know all of the details.

Please refer to this exact line of reasoning for my day with Nutrilite.  I was genuinely interested in learning more about the supplement industry and their place within the market.  The lectures and fitness assessments we experienced at their Optimal Health facility in California are services they provide for thousands of people from all over the world.  Like SmartCar, their mission is to make an global impact on people and the environment, not just sell products.  With ten minutes of research you can determine that on your own.