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July 24th, 2009 No Comments

Sometimes I forget what this is like…I am really looking forward to a more settled life in LA.

Although, my picture looks like this:

  • My kitchen to whip up a one-pot delicious dish
  • My gym for spin, yoga, weights
  • My bed, where I sleep and work (some days)

But alas, that schedule is still not in my sights. Take a look at what the next two weeks have in store for me.

  • Sunday – Wednesday: Rochester, NY to visit Kodak
  • Wednesday: In NYC to check out the Compliment Guys on their 10 day tour offering comments to people on the street in hope they will smile (sponosred by Kodak)
  • July 30: Absolut Vodka event
  • Aug 3: Meetings in NYC
  • Aug 4: Shooting something new I’m keeping on the DL
  • Aug 5: More meetings!
  • Aug 6: TMI weekly shoot
  • Aug 7-9: Hopefully a little vacay
  • Aug 10: Back to LA

(Cartoon via kari-shma)

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