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July 27th, 2009 No Comments


Whew!  I am pooped!

I had a big day, which was capped off with a meet up with Mary Rambin & Mason!  They were here in Rochester to spend a few days with Kodak and I went with Amanda to pick them up from the airport.

Mason didn’t appear enamored with me, so I barked at him for 20 minutes straight.  It didn’t seem to sway him at all.

Anyway, in traditional Mary Rambin fashion, I have to share my head-to-toe for the day:

  • Bright white cleanliness:  John Paul Pet Super Bright Shampoo
  • Silky luxuriousness:  The Coat Handler
  • Tangle-free locks:  #1 All Systems 35mm White Pin Brush & Ultimate DeMatting Comb
  • Signature hairdo:  courtesy of Amanda

Hot stuff, right?

Totally hot!

Mason and I were welcomed with big woofs and even bigger kisses from Baxter.  Mason wasn’t much of a fan, but seeing as Baxter smelled better than I did, I welcomed him right into my lap.

Many thanks to your Mom Amanda for coming to scoop us up and show us a good time in Rochester.  She has great stories of family, romance, and envious kettle bell classes.

Hope to see you both again soon! Next time let Ryan out of the basement to play with us.