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Total Body Lunge

July 27th, 2009 No Comments

Total Body Lunge

“Breaking Down The Workout” — By Francesca Meccariello

I’m a huge fan of getting more bang for you workout buck by integrating exercises. For one it just makes more sense functionally. Our body’s muscles do work in isolation when performing our daily activities and we can  burn tons more calories by using multi-joint, multi-planar exercises.

I’m sure some of you know to do curls or shoulder presses while lunging, but you can also do tricep presses. This way you strengthen and tone your glutes/legs/shoulders and arms!

VERY IMPORTANT: You must have adequate core strength and hip flexibility to perform this properly. Always keep your abs engaged to keep you balance and control your legs.

The Set Up

  • Begin with feet shoulder distance apart so you will not look like you’re walking on a tight rope.
  • Hold a 3/5/8lb dumbbell in each hand with palms facing each other and arms fully extended overhead.


Maintain good posture and good stability in the abdominals with shoulder blades retracted and depressed (not crunched up to your ears).

Choose a weight that will not have you compromise your form.

The Movement

  1. Step forward into a lunge (knee should not be forward of your toes on the front foot and back knee should get about 2-3 inches from the floor)
  2. In the deepest part of the lunge lean your upper body forward slightly then bend elbows  close to 90 degrees so weights go behind your head.
  3. Bring the weights up slowly as you push hard off the front foot to stand. Alternate legs and repeat.

Do 3 sets of 12-16 total reps.

BEGINNERS: Use a medicine ball held with both hands and /or do a stationary lunge (8-10 reps on one leg then switch and do the other leg)

INTERMEDIATE: Alternate stepping forward

ADVANCED: Walking lunges with triceps extension (use lighter weights)