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“You get a lot more room, safety and mileage for the money with the Prius.”

July 27th, 2009 No Comments

I have received countless comments and emails all reccommending the Toyota Prius.  Not particularly instead of another model or brand, simply out of pure adoration for their own cars.

Reader Amy has the best breakdown I’ve recieved:

Hey Mary,

Just want to let you know (if you haven’t already figured it out), that the Toyota Prius is the best buy.

I have the 2nd edition (2005 college grad gift) and it has been a LIFESAVER here…

…It actually comes in at about 48 mpg in summer with the air blasting (it tells you in real time how much gas you use!) and I usually get about 400-450 miles between filling up (I’ve never spent above $25 filling up). I drive 25 miles to work each way and I only fill up every two weeks!

Not to mention, you get to drive in the carpool lane (with a special tag in AZ, and I’m sure they offer the same in LA), which saves an additional 20 minutes each way off of my work commute during rush hour.

The car looks small, but the backseat actually offers much more leg room that the bmw 3 series. Like MUCH MORE. It also has a large hatchback that can carry everything, and side-impact airbags.

You get a lot more room, safety and mileage for the money with the Prius.

**Please note this is her opinion. This post in no way reflects my perspective as I have very little experience or knowledge of the Prius.

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