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July 31st, 2009 No Comments

Happy Friday from @SarahAshley



[Life: List’d] Top 10 Stewie & Brian Moments

I found this list via Adult Swim but still feel like there are lots of missing fantastic moments between this dynamic duo…seriously, could this show be any better?

[Video clips at the links —> cue fantastic work distraction :) ]

10. Diabolical Plan to Humiliate Lois
9. Three Year Novel
8. Cool Whip
7. Mature, Grown Up Man
6. Give Me Your Keys
5. Gay with Gayness
4. I’m Cleaning Myself
3.  Burnt Stewie
2. You Got My Money Now?
1. Quarterly Employee Evaluation

What would you add to the list?

I might switch it up a bit.

#2 You got Money now would be my #1 closely followed by “Mature Grown Up Man.”

“You ever just let your balls hang out B-Ry”


Awesome list Sarah.  You didn’t miss a thing, and you just made my day!!!!

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