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My Idea Of A Damn Good Sunday

August 10th, 2009 No Comments

Today was one of those pleasant days you can’t plan.  Everything unfolds so nicely you smile when you realize you’re in the middle of a great day.  Here’s how it all went down up:

  • 7am  – Woke up because I went to bed early
  • 9am – Spin with friends in Reilly’s killer class (at Equinox WeHo)
  • 10am – Lifted and squatted (like a million times) in Power Sculpt to kill time before my hike
  • 11am – Hiked Runyon Canyon with Jonathan
  • 12pm – Chowed down at Food + Lab with my Pink (Andy)
  • 1pm – Cleaned and re-arranged my new WeHo pad.
  • 2pm – Walked the dogs down our quaint, tree-lined street.
  • 2:30pm – Talked with Lauren about a douche bag I met last night.
  • 4pm – Shopped. BBD/Coupon Clipping/Dollar Decisions for odds and ends for the house (We all call bargain shopping something different.  Meghan’s BBD means “Bigger Better Dealing” while Andy calls it “Coupon Clipping My Way To Savings” – I say Dollar Digging because I will debate the difference between the $3.99 vase and the $4.99 one.) Whatever the case may be, I got to stroll the isles and peruse tons of stuff I don’t need.
  • 8pm – Made leftovers and broccoli for dinner.  Chatted with Lev.
  • 10pm – Put up all of the new stuff around our place.  My bathroom looks awesome.
  • Presently – Catching up on emails and preparing for a productive week!

All of this in 75 degree weather, sunny skies, and no traffic.  Good stuff over here on the West coast. Just, JUST, sayinG.