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August 11th, 2009 No Comments

I’m not that funny, but my friends are! I laughed at this pic for a solid ten minutes.

Yesterday I learned that Drew (above), one of the most hysterical human beings I know, is on twitter.  So of course I wanted to know who makes him laugh every day.  We went through a couple of people he follows and I was in stitches.  Here’s a taste for you:

You know you have a masturbation problem when you open up Microsoft Word and the paperclip guy says, “Just whack it, dude.” — @JordanRubin

Just thought of a great song. Chorus is me saying “You’re a jerk!” and then a friend saying “I know.” Let me know if this already exists. — @azizansari

MISSED CONNECTIONS: Come back bro! You’re in a PT Cruiser and Affliction blasting Nickelback. My fist wants to connect with your face — @robhubel

Hey! Helicopter over my house! Catch the perp already! I can’t hear Dr. Oz on Oprah! — @owenburke

“I have a hard time believing Mary Tyler Moore unfolded that pull out couch EVERY night. Why didn’t she just put a bed near that bay window?” — @RockinJamison

If you’re reading this and have one of those bluetooth earpieces on your ear, please stop following. Its not me, its you. — @JordanRubin