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August 11th, 2009 No Comments

SAVE YOURSELF SOME GREEN – Dogeared Canvas Totes

Yes it’s another canvas tote, but I think Dogeared’s new line is particularly cute.  They made the collection with a green conscious, but that need not be your main motivation to like it.  At $27, the price is right for a simple, versatile daytime carry-all.

Saving is Stylish!

Readers email me all the time looking for affordable, trendy purses.  With the popularity of the green movement and subsequent plethora of canvas totes, I say forgo throwing down a couple bills for a purse.  You can buy 4 that you love, and when you eventually get tired of them, you can easily move on to your next obsession.


Canvas bags make great gifts.  I bought this one (“Love” pictured in Tootsies in Houston) for Kitty as a hostess gift, and she was using it the next day.  The graphics are simple so there is something for everyone.

Canvas Your Options.

Other green totes I love: