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August 11th, 2009 No Comments

Happy Birthday Papa!!!!

Today is my grandfather’s 83rd birthday.  Can you imagine what he’s seen after 83 years?  Wow!  He was a merchant marine, so he has some pretty unbelievable stories from all over the world.  And he finally settled in South Texas? hmmmm

My grandmother used to make German chocolate cake for special occasions, including every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The recipe for the cake and icing is actually inside of the Baker’s German Chocolate box.  (Note: Should you want to make it, be prepared for a $50 grocery receipt and a few hours of baking.)  It’s damn delicious, but not a simple task to make the whole thing from scratch.  A few years ago my grandmother passed away and I assumed the cake responsibilites for holidays.  This photo was taken at Thanksgiving last year.

Papa, I’m sorry I can’t present you with a big ole pan of chocolate, coconut, and pecan deliciousness for your special day, but I’m sending all of my love along with so many hugs (via Mom).


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