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Comme Ca – Los Angeles

August 13th, 2009 No Comments

Comme Ca – Los Angeles

I’ve heard about Comme Ca for a while now – since Octover 2007 to be exact.  Before dinner I twittered “I hope it’s not comme ci comme ca.”  Apparenlty I jinxed the joint because that was exactly my feeling about the whole experience.

We walked into quite a scene (which is to be expected) and sat down to a bar menu packed with apothecary-style drinks and an impressive French wine-by-the-glass list. Good start, if that’s what you’re into.  I am not a fan of either, but I like that my company always enjoys the effort they have put into their selction of people and beverages.

Another pet peeve I have is ridiculously loud restaurants.  I have no interest in raising my voice to talk to the person sitting next to me.  Obviously this happens at countless restaurants, I just usually don’t go back to them.

Especially after being served a meal like ours.  The crab cake appetizer was mediocre and both entrees (halibut and chicken) were dry as a bone.  I mean, pass the ketchup dry.  Jeff had a sauce to dip his chicken in, but my halibut was pretty much unedible.  So, I didn’t eat much of it – so disappointing.  The hot waiter then politely asked me if I enjoyed the meal.

Speaking of the waiter, I loved his uniform (pictured on the top right).  I chose this picture to post because the bar menu and waiters’ outfits were basically all Comme Ca has to offer.  Another popular spot with a poorly executed menu that will surely hopefully fall to wayside soon. It has survived 2 years now….

Bottom line, not worth your time or your tummy.