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Macondo — NYC

August 13th, 2009 No Comments

Macondo — NYC

After passing by this place numerous times at all different hours of the day, finding it packed on every occasion, I had to see for myself what all of the fuss was about.

So on my latest trip to NYC, I invited some friends to join me on the LES for Macado’s eclectic Latino tapas.  Rayuela, it’s owners famed first restaurant, is still noteworthy, so we knew we were in for a gastric treat!

Per usual these days, we were welcomed by yet another creative cocktail menu.  But this bartender actually used fresh squeezed juices and purees for this unqiue concoctions.  You know I’m not a fan of mixed drinks, but these were something special.  So of course we set our expectations high for the meal.

Every single dish on the menu looked amazing – classic Latin compositions with a twist. So, thankfully for the tapas portions and reasonable prices, we were able to order a feats! A few of our favorites:

  • Chorishrimp
  • Willianco
  • Crepa de huitaloche
  • Buenos Aires (skirt steak)
  • Mofongo
  • The duck special….whatever they call that

A big win in my book.  I look forward to going back, even if it’s just to have a drink at the bar.  The people are friendly, the decor is trendy without being pretentious, and the fare is healthy.  What esle could I ask for?