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"Holy Sh*t…What The Hell Do You Want Her To Post?"

August 17th, 2009 No Comments

“Holy sh*t…what the hell do you want her to post?

People bitch about wanting more content, she does it, then you bitch about her authenticity all the flipping time. I’m only a casual reader and I read the same crap every time I look at the comments.

It’s easy to get shit for free from PR companies….Mary plays with it and tells you if it sucks or not. She also tells you when she buys stuff etc. She gets disrespected all the time about whether or not she has a ‘real’ job, which is what she is trying to do with companies she likes to tell you about their latest stuff and people still bitch. Skim over the stuff you think is an ad for something – I mean she’s got to insert SOME stuff that will get her paid…

or better yet, go read [Redacted]’s blog which is so painfully politically correct and stale – you might trust her more since she only writes about 3 posts a week…since she can’t seem to muster up the ambition to make connections and actually turn her investment into anything that will generate revenue.

Bottom line is it’s a friggin BLOG…take what she says with a grain of salt and enjoy how proactive she is in putting her day to day life online for people’s mindless entertainment, but dear god..the girl’s got to make a living somehow! give her a break.”  — Commenter