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Have you ever wondered how John and I met?

August 18th, 2009 No Comments


Now you can find out!

I entered us in a competition called ‘We Fell In Love in New York City’.  The prize is a film shoot with the Todd Ritondaro around our favourite spots in the city.

At the moment, John and I are in second place by a looooong shot so please go up our numbers and vote vote vote!

A million thank yous!

P.S. Please reblog if you feel so inclined :-)

G – Lucky for you reblogging your We’re-so-happy-in-love-we-could-win-something  post is the cool thing to do on my dashboard, so I’m going to join in on the fun.

Please equate my snarky remark to total jealousy.

I’m now attempting to date AGAIN in LaLa land, which should be called the land of 1000 douche bags. This is a serious compromise I have to make to live in 80 degree weather year round.  Dating in NYC is surprisingly easier – men are much more friendly and outgoing.  Here, they are all so concerned with their hair…and 6 pack…and yoga mats.  Ugh.

G and John, you got my vote.  Bravo to love and thank you for sharing it with me.