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August 18th, 2009 No Comments

If Levis Can Do It….


[Love: Covet] The Gap Makes a Comeback.

My Gap Challenge.

Like you for the past few years, my relationship with The Gap has been lackluster, at best. The Gap has seemed to always be not as ______ their competitors. Not as on trend as H&M or Urban or Topshop, not as smart as Club Monaco or Zara, not a staple for basic t-shirts like American Apparel, and for denim well…. just simply not as good as Seven/AG/Joe’s/J Brand or any other line from the premium denim world neatly folded with superb care at the local Bloomingdale’s.

Enter Patrick Robinson. I first read about the resurgence of Gap’s denim in Harper’s Bazaar and was intrigued, slightly. Then, I started to see the heavy Born to Fit campaign popping up all around Manhattan and was reminded to give it a whirl. Over the weekend, I did.

…And I can honestly say the hype rings true. The Gap’s denim is completely reimagined. It is quality with the right amount of stretch and density.  Their new denim has great texture and washes a la all of your favorite premium brands. The cut is smarter (“Perfectly Straight”), sleeker (“Perfect Bootcut”), more chic and sophisticated (“Always Skinny” – my fav – fit as good as J Brand for me, I know…bold statement) or perfectly relaxed and worn-in (“Boyfriend”).

They feel like a $200 pair of jeans. The pricetag? $69.50.

I know this sounds like an infomercial and I honestly wish someone paid me or gave me a few pairs to write this. But alas ,this isn’t the case. I’m just massively impressed. I will be purchasing those 4 styles listed above in at least one wash each for this fall/winter season.

I challenge you to put aside all your stereotypes about the lameness of the Gap and give them a shot….and let me know what you think. I’m pretty sure it’s the best single $69.50 I’ll spend this fall.

Agree? Disagree? Think they’re still lame?