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August 18th, 2009 No Comments

Catching up our TMI viewers to where I am in life, we did an episode on buying a car.  At the end, I ask viewers for advice, so I’ll pose the same question to you again.


And yes, I know, you love the Prius.  But if I were to consider something other than the Prius, what are your thoughts/concerns?

I’m ridiculously indecisive about this.  In the past, I’ve known what I wanted, and why I wanted it.  My last car, a Lexus, was actually a very practical selection that I leased until I moved to NYC.  Damn I miss that car, I want it back.  I think that is part of my issue in getting a car now.

So any more thoughts you would like to offer up to a girl who can’t make up her mind?