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Skinny Bitch? Not quite.

August 20th, 2009 No Comments


So it’s been about a month since I read Skinny Bitch and decided to change the way we eat. Nothing drastic, just slow incremental changes that over time would make our diet healthier and healthier. So I think it’s time to review what’s changed and what hasn’t, what’s working and what’s not, and how I feel.

What’s Changed:

  • No fast food. Absolutely none.
  • No foods with preservatives.
  • No soda.
  • No bad breakfasts. Or non-existent breakfasts either.
  • No non-grassfed, or non-organic meat.

What hasn’t:

  • We still eat out.
  • We still snack. Just good snacks.

What’s working:

  • I am loving cooking again.
  • Grocery shopping is fun, especially at the farmer’s market.
  • Feeling better in the morning thanks to a full tummy.
  • Leftovers!
  • Healthy, delicious meals almost every night.
  • Saving money because we don’t eat out as much.

What’s not:

  • Honestly, there is nothing bad about this, yet.

How I feel:

  • I feel so much better in the mornings.
  • I no longer feel sluggish.
  • I don’t fall asleep “as soon as my head hits the pillow.” Which is a good thing I hear.
  • My skin looks a lot better.
  • I have maybe lost a little bit of weight but I don’t know for sure (we don’t have a scale, I think they are evil).

I remember the first time I read Skinny Bitch.

My first reaction: Wow, I know packaged food, coffee, sugar, salt, etc is bad, but holy cow (speaking of which I didn’t dare read the chapter on meat for fear I could never eat it again).

But like Mufti, I knew most of the information were steps I needed to take to make my overall lifestyle healthier.

My adoption and reaction to the new “diet” made me feel the exact same way she describes here, which is why I attempt to maintain it.  Vegan cookies are on their list of things that are ok, so it’s not SO hard….

These days I’m trying to rid my diet of unnecessary sugars which absolutely excludes most cookies.  VERY DIFFICULT and not at all pleasant.  As stated below, I’ve substituted dried fruit for cookies, but it too has TONS of sugar.Fingers crossed.