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August 24th, 2009 No Comments

First of all, let me say, yes, I know I look like shit, but after a day of dealing with car salesmen, a couple margaritas, and a good long cry, who wouldn’t?!

Yesterday I got frustrated sifting through deals and not finding what I wanted online, so I went about shopping the old school way.

I remembered there is a string of dealerships on Figueroa next to USC, so I decided it was time I see what they had to offer.

As most people have suggested, going through a dealer might be more expensive, but their cars are certified and come with extended warranties.  For someone like me who is pretty hard on her cars, this is important.

I hit up three places:

  1. Felix, which is known of its used cars.
  2. Mercedes
  3. Audi

After hours of shopping, I narrowed it down and then figured I deserved a margarita.  Or two….I met Tony and Brooks at Cabo and got their opinions on the situation.

After all of that, I made a video. It’s a mess of frustrated ramblings, but that’s just what this whole experience has turned into for me – a mess of indecisiveness.