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Mercedes v. Audi

August 24th, 2009 No Comments

From a reader:

“Just watched your clip on the frustrating car search.  Sorry you’re having such a miserable time with this.

I’m writing this because my husband has a MB and I have an 08 Audi A6 Guattro 4.2 (thats an 8 cylender A6).  The MB is beautiful, but I can’t justify the $20,000 difference in cost over my Audi.  I have all tha same bells and whistles as his car and I like the ride of the Audi better.  It seems to handle the road tighter than the MB..and still give you a smooth ride.

The MB seems too soft to me.  I like the “sporty” feel of the Audi as opposed to the feel of riding around in my soft living room that I feel with the MB.

This is my 3rd Audi.  My last one was also a A6.  It was 10 years old with 100,010 mi.  I gave that to my son and he loves it.  It still looks and drives great.

As for repair costs, both are up there so….take that into consideration also.